Review: Kids Play at theSpace @ Niddry St , Edinburgh

Writer and Director: Glenn Chandler

You go into Kids Play not too sure what to expect. The plot snippet is deliberately open and not too informative. Starting the play you would understandably think it was about something that is truly different to how it ends.

The play promises twists and twists you do get. Some are more predictable than others but it does keep the play engaging and moving forward. The script is witty when it needs to be but also dark and punch when it needs to be too. It’s slightly odd just how the naturalistic flow of this piece does make you feel like you are watching something captured in reality.

Something this play could have benefited from is a longer running time to truly develop the characters more alongside some of the more complex twists which would make the ending as great as it could be.

Clement Charles plays Theo Martin as a sweet, naive and giddy but also as someone who is a bit too naive for his own good and has some previous experiences that have shaped him. His connection with fellow cast member Gareth Watkins who plays Greg Fellowes creates a great level of dynamic and tension.

With a great cast, a duffle bag full of twists and characters you can understand and sympathise with, Kids Play is a gripping play about loneliness, that will keep you handcuffed to your seat for just under an hour.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

5money*Decision based on a ticket price of £9. For more info on this new value for money rating please visit here: Introducing a new kind of rating

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