Day Five : The Day Panda Came For Tea

Not only was this my first time at the Edinburgh Fringe but it was also my first time in Edinburgh and Scotland. Therefore I took the advice to take one day away from the fringe to relax and to try out some other Scottish attractions.

I decided to make Wednesday a day about going to the Zoo and seeing the Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo. The zoo was great, the enclosures looked smart, the animals looked happy and I even managed to take a look at Tian Tian the Panda which was quite the experience.

Supposedly people say only two hours can be spent the but we were the first to arrive and neatly the last to leave. If you give each animal time you can certainly spend the whole day there and probably get more viewing of the animals.

After a very filling dinner, it was time to for the Tattoo. There was a real variety of regiments in the stadium, some more natural performers than other. The Tattoo is a spectacle and it was pretty cool to see the historic castle lit up with different projections.

Tomorrow, I return back to viewing shows at the fringe and so it will be exciting to see what the final full day holds.

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