Day Six : The Final Countown Commences

So here it is, the last full day at the fringe. Thursday was the day when not much was planned in do the Diary to ensure some last minute performances were squeezed in.

First up was a bit of a gut instinct call. Following our terrible ordeal watching improvisation on Monday it was decided to try out the Oxford Imps. A university group that bill themselves as the naughty improvisers with an adult guidance warning on the flyers.

It was a show of two halves. The first was more game based such as rapping about a theme shouted at them to a concluding musical based on a word suggested by the audience. For us,it was Death the Musical.

Perhaps it would have been better as one show without the games focusing on the musical but even so it was certainly an entertaining hour full of fun and some great improvision work.

Following on from that was Kids Play which you can find a full review of here.

Concluding the day was a trip to the Roundhouse to see Square Go. A funny production based on two best friends, one prepares to fight the high school bully.

The Roundhouse’s in the round design meant that including the audience into the production was very easy to do and at several points, the venue felt more like an actual boxing room which added an extra level of atmosphere.

The play isn’t just about boxing though but instead about masculinity, buĺlying and mental health. It works all these themes into great effect. This is a funny show, that will keep the mind thinking while making you laugh.

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