Day Seven : The Final Curtain on My First Edinburgh Fringe

So, here we are. Eight months ago I booked my hotel to visit the fringe and this was my final day.

The day started in glorious sunshine and so after dropping off bags, it was time for a quick wander around the city to get some final photos.

It wasn’t long until the penultimate show of my festival Yen. It was a very gritty script and performed well by student company Fourth Wall Theatre. Danny Parker and Jack Firoozan worked together well as the two brothers who had a great brotherly connection together. It seemed the main thing that could have been improved were the scene transactions which would have made the performance slicker.

To conclude the day and my time at Edinburgh Fringe 2018 was a bit of fun from Out of the Blue who have been to the fringe for many years. Their mix of old and modern pop classics was fun and they worked together to create something a bit camp and fun but certainly not tacky. A great and fun ending to what has been quite an incredible experience.

The only thing to work out next is when can I next afford to go again?!

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