Day Two : It’s Raining It’s Pouring But All This Theatre Is Certainly Not Boring

It didn't take long for the Edinburgh weather to return by force. It was expected to clear in the early morning but that certainly wasn't the case. There were shows booked in the morning and so a visit to Camera Obscurer was in order. There were plenty of chances to look at different things, a... Continue Reading →

The Road To Edinburgh: My First Edinburgh Fringe

It seemed so long ago in late 2017 when I first thought of making 2018 the first year I make it to the Fringe. Looking at accommodation prices around then scared me off a bit. £1000 for a week? I could fly abroad for that!

The Personal Judgements Of A Few Can’t Define Good Audience Etiquette

The debate about audience etiquette seems to be the something that is regularly brought up. From standing ovations provided when others don't think they are provided, to eating snacks, with the amount of coverage it gets from our arts journalism publishers, it was only a matter of time before something drastic happened. 

A Trip To The Commons: My First Experience Of On Stage Seating

When looking for seats to see James Graham's This House I was surprised to see on stage seats available. They were the cheapest seats available and the experience was one of a kind. 

The Barricade Breaks In Leicester

Today was set to be a huge day for the Leicester Curve; financially it still was. Whether it has damaged its public reputation in the process is up for discussion.

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