The Secret Society of Leading Ladies (Stream) at the Barn Theatre, Cirencester

Concept & Creative Direction: Ryan Carter

Musical Consultant: Leo Munby

The Barn Theatre has been a beacon of innovative work during the pandemic and so it should be no surprise that this unique and clever experience is far from your standard concert.

Putting you at the heart of the event, there are over 150 different combinations of song choices. You get five different rounds, each one with a choice of two or three performers with song choices covering a broad range of popular musicals from Kinky Boots and Shrek, to the The Wizard of Oz and Steel Pier.

This isn’t just song after song however, your choices will also bring with them a short link between songs until you form your chosen society of leading ladies. Its a very clever concept by Ryan Carter that’s backed up with seemless technology. If the interactive element isn’t for you and you’d prefer to have a lucky dip, don’t worry the tech will choose for you after 45 seconds.

The smart technology is backed up by a hugely talented, diverse cast. After catching all of the performances, it can be certain its a challenge to choose your way through. However, Natalia Kassanga’s Out Here On My Own provides an incredibly moving performance,while Kayla Carter’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow is a hauntingly beautiful look to the future. One thing is for sure, its worth spending the extra £5 so you can enjoy all of the performances.

The idea of choosing your own destiny was once called a gimmic when it was used by Netflix, but actually in the context of a concert it’s a clever and fun way of trying to bring an element of liveness and unpredictability to the recorded medium. Complete with a smart costume design, a wonderfully talented cast and and a simple but smart link to pull everything together, it’s another class act from the team at the Barn where technology and performance joins together to create a stunning showcase .

The Theatre Twittic Value For Money Rating Five

*This production was gifted in exchange for a review. Rating based on a £15 pass where you can refresh and see all the performances. A cheaper pass for one run through is available at £10. For more info on this value for money rating please visit here: Introducing a new kind of rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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