Five Ways to Support Your Local Theatre

Theatres up and down the country have closed their doors until early August, at the earliest. The longer this carries on for, the more critical it is that we support our local theatres in any way we can.

Here are just five ways you can continue to support your own local Theatre during this difficult time.

Donate your refund or ask for credit

The industry is having to refund millions of pounds worth of tickets, on top of paying out some usual running costs. Yes it has no or very little money coming in. This gesture of donating your refund or asking the Theatre to keep the credit on file can really make a huge impact as it means it assists money flow

Add a Theatre to Amazon Smile

A range of Theatres have joined up to this scheme where Amazon donate a portion of your purchase back to a charity of your choice. To add a charity click here

Then just make sure you purchase through

Donate / Become a Friend

Many Theatres have ‘friend’ schemes available. Not only does that money go straight back into the Theatre, but you get perks too such as discounts, special events and more.

Alternatively a one off donation can go a long way. Whether you are buying a ‘virtual ice cream’ and donating a couple of pounds , or you can go further, please do.

Buy tickets for the future

While we don’t know when Theatres will re-open, many Theatres have opened up sales for 2021 and so it’s worth taking a look and booking early. Not only do you have something to look forward to but the Theatre also gets some money in at a time when money flow is bleak.

Tell Everyone

Even if you can’t yourself support Theatres financially, shout out about how important they are. Not only will it help push Theatres and the wider Arts sector up the Government Agenda, but it may encourage others to support the industry

Together we can help the Theatre Industry thrive once more.

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