A Trip to the Commons: My First Experience of On Stage Seating

When looking for seats to see James Graham’s This House I was surprised to see on stage seats available. They were the cheapest seats available and the experience was one of a kind.

When booking, I did wonder exactly how it would work or how distracting it would be glancing at a theatre full of audience members on the side of the proscenium that I am used to, It tuned out that I needn’t have worried at all.

When I arrived, I was ushered to a seat in the set based on the house of Commons. I have to say the seats themselves were probably more comfy than your traditional theatre seat. The leg room was good and well, you couldn’t get any closer to the action.

The lights dimmed and the play began, actors coming on stage from the auditorium brushing past the bench that I sat on. I could see everything clearly and there was certainly no need for microphones. In parts, I would go far as to say I think we have the best view, particularly when dialogue was exchanged between the auditorium and the stage. No neck turning required.

During the performance, in character actors encouraged us to take part in the voting and cheering on the arrival of a new speaker of the house. It all added a little extra to the performance.

All in all, if on stage seating is available for a production visit in the future I will be quick to snap up tickets and I urge you to try it too. It truly does break down the fourth wall and makes the performance that extra bit special; not to mention they tend to be the cheapest tickets available!

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