Review: Playhouse Creatures at the New Vic, Newcastle under Lyme

Writer: April de Angelis

Director: Zoe Waterman

2018 marks 100 years since the first women won the right to vote. Playhouse Creatures launches a season of work celebrating the anniversary and what an enriching corker it is.

April de Angelis reflects the struggles and successes of the first five actresses to take to the stage. Each of them has their own struggles and past experiences that contribute to them being the strong women they portray themselves to be.

This is Zoe Waterman’s debut as Associate Director the New Vic. She frames the story well and while she ensures it is as fantastically funny as it should be, she ensures it doesn’t distract attention away from the developing bond of the characters.

Hannah Edwards plays Nell,  a young girl who just wants to make herself but perhaps at the same time lets her naivety get the better of her when she is flattered with fortune. Polly Lister, on the other hand, plays Mrs Betteron, a mature actress struggling to come to terms with the end of her career due to no other reason than her ageing body. Rebecca Brewer, Danielle Henry, Anna Kirke and George Howard complete the talented company.

Set within designer Lis Evans’ beautiful crafted playhouse, the cast work together to create a funny and poignant new staging of April de Angelis’ enriching play. Under Waterman’s direction, the cast creates a heartfelt comedy which raises questions about how they are looked at by their audience.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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