Review: The Snow Queen at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle under Lyme

Writer: Hans Christian Andersen

Adaptor and Director: Theresa Heskins

Composer and Musical Director: James Atherton

The power of words and imagination; A theme that glitters through this epic musical adaptation of the Snow Queen.

Stacks of books surround the stage with most of them doubling up to form props and set pieces such as the Snow Queen’s sleigh which pops up from a book entitled The Wild Swans. From the start, Hans Christian Andersen’s hobby of papercraft is entwined within the story from Once Upon A Time popping up as Gerda played by Natasha Davidson starts the story to the dazzling and beautiful chandeliers that dangle above the audience.

From the entertaining and gripping opening number about Skating to a stand our ballad that concludes Act One, the music by James Atherton manages to set the tone of each corner of the plot that can one second be in the warmth of summer and the next in the Snow Queen’s Ice Palace.

The Actors glide around in roller skates with ease and excellently pull off  Beverly Edmund’s  extremely complex skating choreography. Doubling up as children, puppeteers and more this cast is superb and faultless at sharing this Classic Tale with those watching. Polly Lister has a devilish and Icy cold stare but also tackles  the complex emotions of pain and desperation.

All of the theatrical elements come together to create an example of superb theatre. Each area of this production is faultless, from the charming characters portrayed to the simple yet elegant set, costume, lighting and sound created by Laura Clarkson, Lis Evans, Daniella Beattie and  Alex Day & James Erls-Davis respectively .

This new interpretation of Anderson’s classic story about friendship and  growing up is sure to leave you with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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