Theatres, Please Stop Upselling Third Party Insurance And Instead Offer Free Exchanges To Regain Audience Confidence

Two days before theatres up and down the country are allowed to throw open their doors to full pre-covid capacity with, legally speaking, no restrictions they are releasing the rules they will follow to regain audience trust. Venues up and down the country are instructing people not to attend with covid symptoms, some such as... Continue Reading →

The Government Must Support UK Theatre

The arts industry continues to ramp up pressure on the government to save the theatre industry from being decimated by the COVID-19 crisis. The government broke its silence on the matter as Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden wrote in the Guardian this weekend that he knows  'this pandemic has dealt the arts a knockout blow' Dowden... Continue Reading →

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Coventry triumphs, but what does the future hold for Stoke on Trent?

The battle has been fought and won. Coventry has been announced as the next UK city of culture 2021. I visited Coventry a few weeks ago and it certainly did have a nice vibe to it, from the remains of the Cathedral to the Belgrade Theatre. I'm sure the inward investment will be huge for... Continue Reading →

Local Arts Cuts cause tension in Lichfield as the Lichfield Garrick increases rent

The Lichfield Garrick Youth Theatre shared its thoughts to the Local Press on the Lichfield Garrick raising fees to stage their productions. The Debate has turned fiery and sour on social media but is the real cause of the problem hiding in the shadows?

Rutter stays firm to his word following stagnant ACE Funding

It was back in September 2016 when Barrie Rutter told The Telegraph he would leave Broadsides if Arts Council England did not provide a boost in funding. Staying true to his word, today it was announced after 25 years he will step down from the company he created. 

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