West End 2022/2023 Average Ticket Prices

What is the average price of a West End Ticket? How many of the entry price point tickets are available per show? How many tickets for a show are now above £100? 

The cost of catching a London show remains a discussion point for many. From the immersive production at Cabaret to the recent supply and demand price hike of Cock tickets, audiences and the industry alike are both raising concerns about the barriers high prices create. So much backlash was seen for Cock tickets as an example that they were lowered.

Earlier this week, the Stage published some stats on the highest and lowest priced tickets in the West End. It mentions that the highest ticket bands on average have gone up 21.3%. They also report that long running shows appear to be reducing their prices to attract a native audience while international tourism is still low.

However, looking at the highest and lowest prices only show one side to the story. To get a deeper understanding of ticket pricing I’ve checked the cost of every seat available for eight shows: Dirty Dancing, Les Mis, Jersey Boys, Mama Mia, Come From Away, Cabaret, Phantom of the Opera and the Lion King. The stats were obtained from the start of the week evening performances in 2023.

It may come as no surprise that  Cabaret has the largest average ticket price of £126.84.  The lowest seat in the house is £30 with the highest being £250.

Perhaps the most surprising findings is that Jersey Boys has the second highest average ticket of the eight shows at £81.05.

Mamma Mia gets the crown for the lowest average ticket price being £55.37, with the highest Ticket Price being £132.50 and the lowest £17.50.

Les Miserables bags the award for lowest ticket price with £10, but there are only eight tickets available per show.

The average for these eight shows is £68.29. If these prices are around the same for all shows in tbe west end it would suggest a huge 31% increase on the average theatre ticket in 2019. This is based on analysis by The Society of London Theatre.

You may feel Cabaret plays a huge part in why the average for this year is so high, but excluding Cabaret, the average is £64.63

Ofcourse, for many productions there are ways to get special offers including on the day tickets and other discounts. However, these often vary depending on availability and demand for the shows.

You can check out the full stats of the productions featured in this research below:

*For Cabaret, all of the front table seats are either booked up or not on sale. Therefore, I have included those seats at the highest non hospitality included table seat for nearby tables that were on sale

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