Amazon Shamefully Shuns Cinema Release For Everybody’s Talking About Jamie As Film Will Be Shown Exclusively On Amazon Video

It was announced today that like a handful of other Paramount Films, The Film Adaptation of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is going going to bypass cinemas and head straight to the back catalogue of Amazon Video in September.

2021 was destined to become a great year for the movie Musical with Dear Evan Hansen, Into The Heights, West Side Story as well as Everybody’s Talking About Jamie all being scheduled for a cinematic release after the delays of 2020 due to Covid. Instead Everybody’s Talking About Jamie will not be joining them.

Today’s news is a bad day for British Musicals, the wider theatre industry and LGBTQ+ representation as instead of having its rightful place on the big screen, it seems like it’s been judged its not commercial enough and instead put on a streaming platform that while is under the umbrella of one the largest global brands, will not have the universal appeal of a release in the Cinema.

Instead, it will ‘premiere’ on September 17, 2021, in over 240 countries and territories among Amazon Video’s other catalogue of content.

With no cinematic release, instead of being loud, proud and in the spotlight, the film will entertain those who are keen to find it, but will not have the centre stage it could have had.

Instead of bringing people together, it will shun people to watch on their own. What message does that send people?

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