The Point Of No Return? Phantom Dibacle Continues As Makintosh Launches A War Of Words On Musicians In A Disdainful Interview With Dominic Cavendish

It’s been no easy feet to keep track of the goings on at the Phantom of the Opera. First it was closed for good, then promised to be reopened as the ‘Brilliant Original’, then a new design was announced. Most recently it was revealed there would be a slashing of the Orchestra and a pushed back reopening.

Today however, rather than speaking to the industry he spoke to the right leaning Telegraph in an article seemingly trying to hush the outcry of industry and ‘phans’ alike.

Mackintosh argues “The chandelier is coming back bigger and better. It will move faster and be more terrifying.” to attempt to defy concerns that the production will be smaller in scale than the original.

He suggests “no one in their right mind would consider in this day and age putting a 30-piece orchestra in this theatre.” Despite those same people creating a production that has reportedly made $6 billion.

Most interestingly, Mackintosh used the peice to launch a seething attack on musicians by saying “I do find it odd why musicians would want to keep doing the same thing year after year”.

Rather than understand or acknowledge the concerns people have raised he highlights where he believes he has proved people wrong, that he can produce small recounts and still get an audience boasting ‘I have spent 50 years delivering the highest-quality musicals this country has ever seen and I’m not about to stop now.”

What seems to be missed is the true frustrations there are both in the fanbase and in the industry. This is far from a small portion of a future audience. It is perhaps this coincited view that he has done it successfully in the past and will do it again perhaps will be the downfall that could bring the final curtain on POTO. Will we see in theatre like we saw with the High Street? Those brands who feel indestructible end up consigned to the history books? Many people never though of a high street without Woolworths, Debenhams, BHS, it happened and arguably because they tried to make the product as lean as possible they lost touch with their customer base.


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