Review: I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical at the Dairy Room, Edinburgh Fringe

Co-Arranger / Musical Director & Composer /Lyracists: Alexander S. Bermange

Co-Arranger: Jerome Van De Berghe

Director & Choreographer: Chris Whittaker

Associate Director: Damian Sandys

The dream for many young musical theatre students and fans is to perform in a musical. TV shows like Glee and Stage School are happy to share the stardom but rarely offer a full insight into the industry. This fresh, brilliantly funny musical brings the highs and lows of the industry, in an ingenious way.

The production makes light work of exploring some really important topics that cover the industry today. Extraordinary high ticket prices and star casting are two examples of this. While the performance will be sure to make you laugh, there are some home truths that are shown and it’s perhaps the unnerving reality of the piece that makes it so funny.

Each song is different from the other but maintain a steady rhythm and are very easy to listen to. Listen out for some very recognisable chords that are peppered throughout. The songs punch through a different theme and all lock together to form a well-rounded picture of the musical theatre industry today.

The cast of only four harmonise perfectly and hold a really nice tone together while also shining their voices independently.  James Hume pulls off a corker as an actor obsessed with going on stage no matter how ill he is. Felix Mosse gains one of the loudest applause of the night as the all too often forgot about understudy. Charlotte O’Rouke shows some horror at the thought of obsessive fans and Charlotte Anne Steen represents the young dreamer, wishing so bad to be in the industry.

It’s quite poignant that a youthful cast shares this insight into the much dreamed about professional. They are the future and the ones that can make their mark and change things.

I Wish My Life Were Like a Musical uncovers areas of the industry people dare not speak of in a brilliantly creative, bubbly way. With smart choreography, joyously bold and witty music and a polished cast, it will make you smile and it will make you think.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5money* Decision based on a ticket price of £11 and an 80p booking fee. For more info on this value for money rating please visit here: Introducing a new kind of rating

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