Review: Numbers at C Aquila, Edinburgh Fringe

Writer and Director: Alex Blanc

Mercury Theatre presents a gripping, fascinating insight into masculinity and mental health. It lifts the stigma away and takes you through the life of Jack as he comes to turn with his own mental health.

Henry Waddon plays Alex in the production and he pulls off an incredibly strong performance. Alex is a complex character to play as he has so many layers to uncover behind this lads lad that on the outside may appear ok but beneath that facade is someone far less comfy with himself. Waddon takes this challenge in his stride and creates a character has all the qualities of a cheeky chap that’s the life and soul of a party that quickly explores why underneath that exterior he’s feeling lost.

The production centres around him recounting the past to explore when and why his mental health deteriorated.  Waddon is impeccable with his ability to grow the character and build up the anger of being restrained by the world around him while at the same time see slim glimmers of hope with his girlfriend Brianna.

The flashbacks sometimes do appear a little disjointed but it does show a different side of Alex and how his relationship with his girlfriend is being challenged by his mental health. The script by Alex Blanc is well thought out and explores the trauma that can cause people’s mental health to deteriorate while also making important points about who can help you get through them.

With a very strong cast, a brilliant central performance and a compelling script written around a very important subject, Numbers is a touching production that explores the challenges of male mental health.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

* Decision based on a ticket price of £8.50 and an 80p booking fee. For more info on this value for money rating please visit here: Introducing a new kind of rating

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