£25 Tickets To See Wicked on Tour!

Following the huge amount of views to my blog about £1 tickets to see The Full Monty it’s clear there is certainly a market for fantastic ticket deals so I’ve managed to track down another one for you!

It seems that ATG wants to try and offload the large amounts of single seats they haven’t sold for Wicked in Sunderland. They did this in Liverpool and it seems there are also doing the same for the Sunderland Empire.There are lots of dates available including weekends that have most tickets at  the bargain price of £25.

The price doesn’t depend on where you sit either and so whether you are in the Stalls, The Grand Circle or the Upper Circle so make sure you’re getting the very best seats possible. If you play your cards right you could wipe off £50 of the face value.

Sure, this deal isn’t for those wanting to go as a big group, but even if  you want to go with someone it’s worth checking out whether they have two seats, one behind the other.

Single seats have always been something I’ve thought about. As a person who often goes alone I get the benefit of normally managing to squeeze a ticket for any show I’d like to visit but I do often see all the single seats available and think about the amount of money lost due to single seats not being sold.

Surely it’s time more thought was given to schemes like this to sell them at a discount to make them sell.

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