Review: Bottom at Summerhall, Edinburgh

Director & Writer : Willy Hudson

Should a role define you? Willy Hudson’s new one-man show ties together a mixture of experience and life lessons to create an uplifting hour of compelling queer theatre.

Willy is a die-hard Beyonce fan. You can tell by the t-shirt he parades about in not to mention the smart piece of dancing he pulls off towards the end of the show. However, what Willy argues is should elements of your personality and hobbies really define you.

This is portrayed through a mixture of information based moments, alongside past sexual experiences and a third date with an unnamed guy. A date destined to be great if it wasn’t for if they weren’t both bottoms.

Willy himself is an enormously likeable character. His storytelling and energy can’t be faulted not to mention his slightly awkward and inexperienced attitude towards love. It makes moments towards the end of the performance all the more meaningful.

Some people may find the switches between the different information a bit sudden but they do work and nothing is lost by it. This is a young man’s crisis of personal development of finding himself which he does by standing up loud and proud on a stage.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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