Red Hot Ticket Prices for the Full Monty

Arts Marketing

It is so common for the headlines of the arts press to be focussing on the spike in ticket prices. When I come across something recently, I just had to share it. It’s important to note this blog is not sponsored or affiliated with ATG at all.

It took me by surprise when I was looking on the ATG website and came across £1.50 tickets for the latest tour of the Full Monty staring Gary Lucy and other household names. Yes, that’s right, there is no typo there one pound and fifty pence tickets.

I first thought perhaps this is a mistype but I have managed to book and purchase my £1.50 and had them delivered today. Unfortunately, the tour only visits two ATG venues and each one of these has £1.50 tickets available. Not only that but even after these stripped down prices have gone prices are still between £15 and £30.

So there we have it, it seems like even ATG sometimes can be extra generous to the theatre viewing public.  One thing is for sure, it definitely has got me talking. Its clear that £1.50 is not really going to be paying much towards the production but this incredibly accessible pricing structure will likely attract those who would see the theatre as an expensive night out.

With ever-increasing premium seats, let’s hope this starts out producers and venues looking towards the importance of low ticket prices.

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