Review: Crimes on the Christmas Express at the Lichfield Garrick

Director: Tim Ford

Writer: Feargus Woods Dunlop

It was last year when the Lichfield Garrick began their partnership with New Old Friends. This year they bring their festive comic twist on another Agatha Christie classic.

Crimes on the Christmas Express has some clear inspiration from Murder on the Orient Express. However, this is a stand-alone original play in its own right. From a chase on top of the Express Train to skiing down a mountaintop, the set designed by New Old Friends and Set One is cleverly used to bring these at times tongue in cheek sequences to life.

From its play on words to the quick one-liners the script by Feargus Woods Dunlop is very funny once the plot starts going full steam ahead. Every element of the production has been pulled apart by the exceptional cast under the director Tim Ford to ensure both physical and verbal comedy work hand in hand.

Between the four performers on stage; Heather Westwell, Feargus Woods Dunlop, Jonny McClean and Doron Davidson they bring to life over ten different characters of different stature and nationality. Each character is well developed to ensure it’s easy to distinguish each which is essential to ensure the sometimes complex plot.

This refined piece is a delight to watch. With both funny text, well executed moments and even a touch of love, this is another successful heartwarming and exciting collaboration between the Lichfield Garrick and New Old Friends which will delight those who see it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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