Review: The Dreaming at the Lichfield Garrick

Book and Lyrics: Charles Hart

Music: Howard Goodall

Directors: Tim Ford & Craig Sanders

Musical Director: Angharad Sanders

The Lichfield Garrick’s celebration of David Garrick’s 300th Birthday continues with its magical production of the Dreaming, a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The production is elegantly staged by designer Carl Davies, the stage is full of an industrial forest made from corrugated iron and brightly coloured balls. It’s wonderfully shown off with Matt Clutterham’s beautifully vibrant lightening design which adds an extra touch of sparkle.

The enormous cast of over 70 are hugely talented. While there are ensemble members that are stronger than others, they come together as one to create a mega-company that brings the stage to life. Young Macie Barrington plays Jack, a young blacksmith’s son who is taken in by the Male Woodlanders Leader, Angel who Chris Gilbey-Smith plays. Barrington is certainly not phased by the amount of stage time she has and Gilbey-Smith is also immensely talented and leads the male ensemble with ease while also creating a fun yet sinister character.

This is the Garrick’s second community production and it shows Lichfield neither lacks in artistic talent or generosity from the community it is centred within. The production beautifully encases the enormously gifted performers within stunning sound, lighting, set and costume design to create a fun production that’s light-hearted and engaging from start to finish; with an added touch of magic and wonder.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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