Review: Legally Blonde The Musical at the Lichfield Garrick

Book: Heather Hach

Music and Lyrics: Laurence O’Keefe and Neil Benjamin

Director: Julie Mallaband

Musical Director: Oliver Rowe

Choreographer: Jessica Lambert

The Lichfield Garrick is transformed into a pink palace for their Youth Theatre’s production of the hit musical Legally Blonde.

Based on the novel and film of the same name we see Elle Woods played by Sophie-Rose Dickinson head into the dark and hallowed halls of Harvard University to win back her boyfriend Warner, who is played by Dominic Sterland and prove she can be serious.

Director Julie Mallaband has clearly done a lot of exploration with the cast into the piece. While the full company numbers are spectacular and well staged a huge amount of detail has gone into the characters and the script to ensure every piece of subtext is fully exploited and the characters are fully explored. The work done creates some great moments of comedy, perfectly exemplified by the ensemble during what is sometimes a very busy stage.

Each member of the company showcases a huge amount of commitment to the roles they play. Particular praise has to go to Georgia Waldron who plays Hairdresser Paulette. She creates a role of a character much older than herself and has incredible vocal range. That’s not to take away from the other leading roles in this piece. Dickinson is a bouncy yet headstrong Elle and has a great amount of chemistry with Nathan De Giorgi who plays Emmett.

The set changes were sometimes a bit bulky and lengthy but the orchestration, headed by Conductor and Musical Director Oliver Rowe ensured there wasn’t time to concentrate on that. It was also fantastic to hear such a large orchestra backing up this huge cast.

Legally Blonde The Musical is a fun night out with plenty going for it. The cast is professional and slick in every element of this production. With great music, hilarious comic moments and strong performances throughout it would be difficult to walk away from this performance without a smile.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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