The Barricade Breaks In Leicester

Today was set to be a huge day for the Leicester Curve; financially it still was. Whether it has damaged its public reputation in the process is up for discussion.

The Cold Call Of Doom…A Lesson In How Not To Fundraise For An Arts Organisation

Today, was a first. I received an outsourced phone call on behalf of a theatre I won't name. It didn't go well.

Local Arts Cuts cause tension in Lichfield as the Lichfield Garrick increases rent

The Lichfield Garrick Youth Theatre shared its thoughts to the Local Press on the Lichfield Garrick raising fees to stage their productions. The Debate has turned fiery and sour on social media but is the real cause of the problem hiding in the shadows?

Rutter stays firm to his word following stagnant ACE Funding

It was back in September 2016 when Barrie Rutter told The Telegraph he would leave Broadsides if Arts Council England did not provide a boost in funding. Staying true to his word, today it was announced after 25 years he will step down from the company he created. 

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